I am a visual artist who uses art to problem solve.  My original degree is in Mathematics and then pursued my BFA and MFA in sculpture.  Over time my work has migrated to paintings and drawings.

I investigate spatial depth in my artwork.  I want the viewer to become aware of space as a series of layers; to connect with the atmosphere as they move through it; to appreciate how the perception of proportion is altered from near to far; and to notice the way small changes can dramatically affect the geometry of an environment.

My creative influences include the expressiveness of Louise Bourgeois and Georgia O'Keeffe, the color usage of Morris Louis and Mark Rothko, and the forms of Donald Judd and Martin Puryear. I draw from Louise Bourgeois’ ability to transform imagery from her childhood into forms that reference both sexuality and innocence.  Georgia O'Keefe’s ability to express her personal ideas and feelings as harmonious compositions of line, form, and color serves as a catalyst for my own work.  Morris Louis, Mark Rothko, and the color field painters inspire me with their use of broad areas of un-modulated color and their manipulation of the picture plane.  I gravitate towards the minimalist sculptor’s sense of order, organization, and purpose; especially Donald Judd and Martin Puryear whose works demonstrate a fundamental balance of weight and light in their work.

My resources are my memory, abstract geometry, and the materials I use, which include watercolor, inks, concrete, and plaster. Memories are a mixture of the emotional, physical, and psychological elements of the experiences that created the memories.  I use visual impact of these memories --whether it is the shape and arrangement of the environment, the light, or the impact of the color -- to investigate space relationships and organize my thoughts.  Abstract geometry is represented in the imagination and by symbols.  Through these materials I choose, I can integrate my memory and my love for abstract geometry.  I have developed a vocabulary of boundaries that I use to investigate spatial depth.